Wooden Leg Insurance

As it says, some insurance agents are better than others….Some insurance agents are better with words then most lawyers,

A  man and his wife, moved back home to West Virginia from Ohio .. The husband had a wooden leg, and to insure it back in Ohio cost them $2000 per year!

When they arrived in West Virginia , they went to an insurance agency to see how much it would cost to insure his wooden leg.

The agent looked it up on the computer and said: $39.00.
The husband was shocked and asked why it was so cheap here in West Virginia to insure it because it cost him $2000 in Ohio !

The insurance agent turned his computer screen to the couple and said, ‘Well, here it is on the screen, it says: Any wooden structure, with a sprinkler system above it, is $39.00 .. You just  have to know how to describe it!

(Hillbillies know how “to git’er done”)

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