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Catch Of The Day August 9th 2014

Chad caught a 13.5lb catfish. YUM!!


Check it out here!

Share Walk for Remembrance Oct. 19, 2013

Zoo Visit Mother’s Day May 12, 2013

Mother’s Day May 11, 2013

Color Run for Autism April 27, 2013

Jeff’s Painting Project March 31-April 22, 2013

Grandpa’s Little Helpers Feb.22-2013

New Garage Door Feb.14-2013

Winter Wonderland 2012 & 2013

In The Spirit with Chad & Gretchen Oct. 27-2012

Kent & Donna’s 22nd Anniversary Trip to Europe June 23-2012

Crazy High Temps. May, June & July 2012 recorded on our thermometer…

Brady’s Graduation from Kindergarten May 21-2012

Kent & Donna’s Home and Garden 2012

Catalpa Tree Comes Down Feb. 13-2012

Georgia Family Gettogether April 10-2011

Christmas Fun

Chad and Gretchen’s New Home

Redecorated House Aug.-Nov. 2010

Original House Before Fall of 2010

Maddie & Friends

Four Footed Friends

Winter Wonderland 2011

Jerry’s Leg Infection Aug. 2010

Northern Lights

Winter 2010

Chad’s Family Zoo Visit

Gardens 2012

Joker, Rorschach and Olaf

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