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Ride The Wave!


Have you heard about Google Wave?  It’s a new communication tool by Google that was recently enabled for Google Apps domains like ours (JJWinter.com).

If you don’t have an email address on JJWinter.com you can use the normal Google Wave:  http://wave.google.com.

If you do have an email address with JJWinter.com you can use the normal Google Wave (above) or you can use the JJWinter.com Google Wave:  http://wave.jjwinter.com.

Click here for detailed information about the brand new public Winter Family Wave.

In any case whenever you want to “wave” you should enable Google Gears for your web browser or you should consider using Google Chrome.


It only seems like a few months ago that we switched to a new website design, but now we are doing it again!

While the old site was easy enough for us to use and post our pictures we wanted to try something new that would allow us to write stories easier, offer more ways for everyone to connect and interact with us and we also wanted something with nice site “themes”.

Anyway, please bear with us during this transition.  New user registration will be enabled soon, so please check back.

Under the “Pages” section in the sidebar you can view all of our pictures.

It’s a decent start!

You can still visit our old site here.

Thank you!