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Website Changes


With the new year we thought it would be fun to shake things up a little with the website to give it a new look.

First, what did NOT change?

Site Content

All of the old content is still here and you can find it in the site menu at the top (and a little to the right side). You can still get to our picturesrecipes and videos using the menu.

Okay, so… what did change? A lot really.

Magazine Layout

More and more sites, especially blogging sites (like ours), are moving to a new “magazine layout” format which organizes things while at the same time making it much easier on the eyes. We think the new look is really nice.

Site Menu

The site menu is located at the top of the page and a little off to the right. It is docked now which means that as you scroll down the page the menu will not scroll off the screen and out of view. It is always available. Oh, and to the very far right: a dedicated site search button, again, always available.

Featured Posts

When you visit the home page of the blog you will notice three “feature” blocks at the top of the page. These are blog posts that we want to stick out for a little while and they will only be seen at the very top of the home page (not as you scroll down). If we change them later so they aren’t “featured” items anymore they will appear in their normal date order in the blog. Again, these features are only visible on the home page of jjwinter.com and only at the very top of that page.

Primary Sidebar (Left Side)

The left side is similar to what we had previously, links to the different site categories and other items.

The Blog (Middle)

The center of the page is still our blog area. Every time we post something new (by date) it will bump the previous article down the page. Previously the blog mostly consisted of recipes… videos and other things were only on the site menu on dedicated pages. This will be changing and over time we will be putting more things up here in the main blog section. You can see some videos right now in the blog area.

Content Sidebar (Right Side)

This area is brand new. We are adding to it, little by little, but it will take time. This area will allow us to highlight newly added videos and picture galleries… and the newest ones will always be on the right side of the site. This will be helpful later on because the first page of the blog might only show one video, one image gallery and the rest of it might be filled with recipes, jokes, comments or other information… but the right side will still show more videos and pictures.

Mobile Website

Our website also received a major face-lift when it is viewed from mobile devices. The image at the left (below) shows how the site will be displayed initially for mobile devices. Optionally, if you scroll down to the bottom you can tap a button to switch to “desktop” view which will try to render all of the feature boxes, blog posts, highlighted videos and galleries, and attempt to stick to the normal theme we are using (this can be seen in the second image on the right). You can scroll down to the bottom of the site again on your mobile device to switch back to mobile viewing. You can click these images to see larger versions:


We hope this information helps you figure out the new site and makes it easier to navigate. Once you are more familiar with the layout we think you will like it.


Do you like the new look or do you hate it? Please leave your comments and we will get back to you!



Welcome to our new website!

This page will attempt to quickly familiarize you with some of the changes, the new features and how to navigate the site.

Our old website was a Google Site which allowed us to show off all of our web albums using slideshows.  We wanted to offer more features to our visitors so we switched our site to a professional blogging engine called WordPress.  Now in addition to our web albums we can also post articles on the site, create custom pages, allow users to register, allow users to sign up for RSS feeds, and much more.

Posts & Pages (AKA: What’s Going On Here?!?)

Before we get to registration and navigation let’s first figure out what we are looking at.

Posts…  when you first arrive at jjwinter.com in the main area of the page you are seeing all of our latest “posts”.  These posts might be articles of interest, family news, jokes, videos…  pretty much whatever we feel like blabbing about at that particular time.  The main page will show the ten most recent posts and then older posts will get bumped out to another page.  You can find older posts using the calendar.

Pages…  pages are not “posts” (like the main page), instead they are “static” pages with specific information, for example…  all of our web albums are displayed on this site using custom pages.  Links to all of our pages can always be found in the sidebar and, depending on the current site theme, across one of the sides of the screen (usually along the top).

Site Registration & User Profiles

If you would like to register on this site please use Site Stuff > Register.

Once you are logged in you can adjust your profile using Site Stuff > Site Admin.

There are three “Site Admin” pages that every registered user can access:  The Dashboard is simply an overview of the site showing total counts for pages, posts, categories and tags.  The information “panels” that you see in the dashboard can be changed by clicking the “Screen Options” button near the top right side of the Dashboard page.  Your Profile page allows you to input information about yourself including your email and instant messaging accounts and a profile picture.  The Tools page allows you to install Google Gears in your web browser to speed up performance and offer more features to the JJWinter.com site.  When you are done with the Site Admin stuff you can click here to get back to the main page.

We are trying to locate a plugin that will allow all users to optionally sign up for email notifications.


Getting around on a website is very important so let’s cover that quickly.

  • Sidebar

The sidebar is probably the most consistent method for moving around on our website.  The sidebar contains many sections, each with different functionality.  The “Tags” section allows you to see “at a glance” what our posts are about.  Larger words indicate more posts for that topic.  If you click one of the tags the main area will only show posts related to that tag.  This is a very easy way for you to filter out what you want to see.  The “Pages” section shows all of our custom pages.  The “Links” section actually contains a few sub-sections:  the “@JJWinter.com” sub-section is a helpful area only for family members who already have @jjwinter.com email addresses, the “Facebook” sub-section contains links to everyone’s Facebook page, and the “Links” sub-section contains a few other possible sites of interest.

The sidebar may also contain a section for post archives, a calendar or other helpful “widgets” to help with site navigation.

  • Additional Navigation

Some themes will also show a series of buttons or tabs across one side of the screen (usually near the top) that allow you to jump between custom pages.  This is theme controlled and may not always be available.


We can now easily change the theme of the site very easily.  Let us know what you like best!


Anyone that is logged in can now leave comments on any post or page.  Tell us what’s on your mind!

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

RSS allows you to get updates from our site in your RSS reader or in any browser that offers “live bookmarks” (like Mozilla Firefox).

You can subscribe to our RSS feeds for either our posts or site comments.


We hope this information helps and we really hope you enjoy the new website!!!


It only seems like a few months ago that we switched to a new website design, but now we are doing it again!

While the old site was easy enough for us to use and post our pictures we wanted to try something new that would allow us to write stories easier, offer more ways for everyone to connect and interact with us and we also wanted something with nice site “themes”.

Anyway, please bear with us during this transition.  New user registration will be enabled soon, so please check back.

Under the “Pages” section in the sidebar you can view all of our pictures.

It’s a decent start!

You can still visit our old site here.

Thank you!